Are you coming up Flat?

Posted by on 2/6/2017 to Shoes

New hottest new fad is flats. You see them everywhere is every style and and with every type of fashion. But are you coming up flat with how to pair your flats. Read on below to find out what goes perfectly with your flats......

1. Skinny Jeans

The classic skinny jean is the perfect match for your flats. They elongate your legs and are just the right length for loafers, ballet flats, smoking slippers and the like.

2. Slim Trousers

Slim, ankle trousers make it possible to wear your flats to the office. Like skinny jeans, they create a slim silhouette and leave enough space between the pant and the shoe to help add some length to your legs.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

As long as your boyfriend jeans aren’t too baggy, they look great with flats as well. I’d recommend steering away from ballet flats, which sometimes cut your foot off abruptly, and opting for loafers or pointed-toe flats, which help elongate your look. (Choosing nude or tan colored shoes can also help!)

4. Straight Crop Jeans (new!)

The latest trend in denim, straight crop jeans or demi-boot jeans, will go perfectly with your flats this spring. More forgiving than the skinny jean, these straight crop jeans are super flattering and leave just the right amount of room between the pant and your flats.

5. Short Skirts & Dresses

Mini skirts, A-line dresses, and those that fall above the knee are a great match for flats because they show off your legs and tend to make you look taller. If you feel a bit frumpy in this look (like I do!), opt for loafers or pointed-toe flats again in a nude shade.

So set a trend, wear a trend and pair it with the perfect Ten & Up flat!

Holiday Shoe Blues?

Posted by The Ten & Up Team on 12/3/2016 to Shoes
Got holiday Shoe Blues? When all the holiday parties are in full force and you have the fiercest outfit on, but not the perfect you get the blues? Everyone knows accessories can make or break an outfit. Shoes have become the focal point of some of the top fashions. But with larger feet, those killer sparkler heels you would sleep outside for on Black Friday are just not available in a size 12. This is why Ten & Up Shoes arrived. We NEVER want you to have the perfect outfit without the perfect shoes. We are working hard to build our brand and offer every type of shoe there is from comfort to sparkly to heel to flat to narrow to wide. We can't do that without you. We need the support of all l0 and up shoe wearers. Check out our shoes and buy buy buy. The more we sell, the more we can stay at the drawing table designing styles you love. We wish everyone happy holidays and goodbye to the Shoe Blues.